About ePark Labs


Founded in 2001 by Dan Fitzpatrick, ePark Labs has had the great pleasure or working with some of the world's greatest organizations. We started small, building webstes and applications for startups. As we grew, we took on larger and larger projects. We have worked with over 50 Fortune 500 companies. As a testament of our high quality work and customer service, we still service our first three customers. These three clients have grown from less than $2 million in annual sales to well over $100 million in the last 15 years.

Who We Are

ePark Labs is led by Dan Fitzpatrick. Dan is an artist, business executive, youth sports coach, and father of five children. He received his Bachelors degree in studio art from UCI with studies abroad in Bordeaux, France and Jyväskylä, Finland. He holds an MBA from USC in entrepreneurship where he served as President of the Entrepreneur and Venture Managagement Association. His unique training in art, business, and technology provides a solid foundation for innovative solutions to achieving nearly any business goal.

Dan oversees a self-directed team of seasoned professionals and independent business owners. This hand-selected team of independent developers, designers, and system administrators is the key to our success. Our team is battle-tested and has build some incedibly amazing software and service. By using a team of experts, we are able to deliver best-in-class solutions at the most reasonable cost possible. We have delivered several multi-lingual systems and our diverse development team has provided all of the knowledge needed to build and natively translate our systems into a multitude of languages and locales.

What We Do

ePark Labs is dedicated to providing leading edge technology to businesses and organizations with direct ROI impact. We engineer, implement, and manage large-scale enterprise systems primarily using open source software. We also contribute to many open source projects. The focus of our work is creating communication systems using internet, mobile, and cloud technologies. We do everything from interactive web sites to wireless bar-code systems for tracking inventory and parts moving through a repair process. We provide 24/7 support to thousands of users in over 170 countries.


We are headquartered in the Rocky Mountain community of Estes Park, Colorado, just east of Rocky Mountain National Park. See the Contact Us page for more info.